Medical Diagnostics 100mA X-Ray Machine Fixed Table.

Medical Diagnostics 100mA X-Ray Machine (Fixed Table).

Model: YZ-100mA


















General Photography, Ray-filter Photography

1.Single bed and single bulb.
2.Design according to the electric mechanism of middle-size machine. The function is full and reasonable.
3.The high-tension system is of march-past structure. Equipped with a full wave rectification high-voltage generator and independent X-ray tube unit, with large output power and reliable and stable operation.
4.Supply voltage V, roentgenoscopy, photography KV and stepless adjustable.
5.Equipped with the manostat for filament of X-ray tube and the space charge compensator as to ensure the stable and accurate output.
6.Equipped with the capacity limitation and protection circuit and Kv mA sinter lock limitation and protection.
7.Adopt the digital circuit timer, grade according to R10 priority coefficient and can control time exactly.
8.The upright post has the bottom track only, which is easy while installation.


Main Technical Specifications

Maximum rated capacity Current(mA) Voltage (kvp) Exposure time(s)
15 90 0.04-6.3
30 90 0.04-6.3
60 90 0.04-6.3
100 85 0.04~2.5
Timer 0.04s ~6.3s in 22 shifts, electronic type
Photographic bed Bed face (L*W*H) 1900*695*700mm
1. grid density: N28;
2. convergence distance:100cm;
3. grid ratio: r8
High voltage transformer unit Capacity 7kvA; Max. DC output voltage 90kv; Max.DC output current 100mA
Pillar of x-ray source unit 1. moving in length along the bed: >1350mm
2. move in breadth: >360mm
3. moving up and down: 720-1800mm
Specification of x ray tube XD4-2.9/100 small focus 1.8mm, big focus 4.3mm



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