Neo-Frecator Skin Cautry Machine NF-200

Skin Cautery Machine Japanese.

Model: Neo-Frecator NF-200.

Brand: Aoki – Japan


Neo-frecator is a simple, compact device creating a very high frequency current by use of spark-gap. Real Up-to-date technique has been applied in the making of Neo-frecator under the most careful direction of  authoritative surgeons.

Applying accessories for every particular case, Neo-frecator is always ready for instant use in Coagulation, desiccation and fulaguration with amazing effects. Not to speak of medical professions, Neo-frecator is now enthusiastically welcomed by beauty houses in daily use.


Standard Accessories 

  • NF-101  Foot Switch                     1 pc.
  • NF-102  Needle Holder                1 pc.
  • NF-105  Depilation Needle          5 pc.
  • NF-106  Fulguration Needle        2 pc
  • NF-107  Coagulation Needle        1 pc
  • NF-Fuse  Spare Fuse                      1 pc
  • Instruction Manual                        1 Copy.


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