Radiation Protection Full Wrap Around Lead Aprons

Brand: Protech – USA



Radiation Protection Lead Apron (Double sided)

Offering full protection, this back relieving design transfers the
weight from your shoulders to your hips with the aid of a 6” lumbar
support belt.

The Wrap Around Back Relief apron features velcro and buckle closures, a velcro break-away side seam for
freedom of movement, and 1.00 mm LE when the overlapping panels are engaged.

Padded shoulders offer added comfort.

Types of Core Material

We offer below core material for radiation protection.

Standard Lead.                            (Regular Weight Lead Apron)

Light Weight Lead.                     (Comparatively less weight then Standard Lead)

Lead Free Material.                   (Light Weight Radiation Protection Apron)

Premier Lead Free Material. (Lightest Weight Radiation Protection Apron)



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