Radiation protection Lead Goggles

Lead Goggles with side Protection

Brand: Protech – USA.



Classic Lead Glasses – Model 53 Wraps

The 53 wrap lead glasses are constructed of extremely durable nylon that exhibits superior flexibility while minimizing potential breakage. The molded wrap features provide maximum comfort with a full saddle bridge to distribute weight evenly over the nose while providing excellent peripheral vision with leaded glass side shields. Additionally, the 53 wraps lead glass side shields provide 0.75mm Pb splash protection from radiation.

*Also available with adjustable nose pads and flex hinge temples.

Product Information

  1. Manufacturer – Protech Medical
  2. Lens Type – Schott SF-6 HT Glass Lead Lenses
  3. Prescription Information
    • Available in Plano, Single Vision (SV), Bifocal Rx (BI), and Progressive (PROG)
    • Prescription Range: 4.00 to -7.00
  4. Special
    • CE Marked
    • ISO Certified Company
    • ANSI Z87 approved

Radiation Protection

  • Front Lens – 0.75mm / 0.5mm Lead Glass
  • Side Shields – Standard 0.75mm / 0.5mm Lead Glass Lenses






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Lead Goggles    –           Brand : China


Product Description

X-Ray Protection Series-Protective Glasses Type B, Side-protective
Detailed Product Description
Lead glasses can efficaciously prevent the getting through of the X-ray.
Lead Glasses lead spectacles protective glassesThe medical ray protective glasses (protective glasses for short) is composed of the lead glass
Eyeglass and the glasses frame. The lead equivalent of the protective glasses is not less than
0.25mmPb, 0.35mmPb, and 0.50mmPb. It can efficaciously prevent the getting through of the
X-ray. It is suitable for the research of radiation in the fields of national defence, scientific
Research, industry and mining, medical, health and epidemic prevention, and operators in
The X-ray room. It can prevent the operators eyes from being hurt by the high-energy radiation
And X-ray.Lead equivalent0.25mmpb


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