X-Ray LED Illuminator Single Film

Brand: China


A high-quality X-ray illuminator is a key piece of equipment to have in all medical offices. We offer quality X-ray view boxes that produce clearer images for more accurate diagnoses. Patients will also appreciate the availability of these film illuminators in the examination room, where they can easily review their films with their physician. Each X-ray film illuminator includes a ventilation system and offers top and bottom film grips on the view box area. Our X-ray illuminators are available in various intensity options.


Type: Single panel
Viewing screen size(mm): 360x430mm
Illumination: ≥1000LX
Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Dimension(mm): 430x110x540
Weight: 4kg

At Hi-MED platform we are the importers of X-ray Machines and accessories We have a complete range of X-ray Fil illuminators in our Stock at any time

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